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TRIAD is a group consisting of Senior Citizens who are active in community policing and all aspects of volunteer work that enhances the city.


Members assist with the following


Handicap Parking-

Certain members are sworn in so they may enforce handicap-parking regulations by issuing handicapped parking tickets to violators.

Reader Board-

Certain members set up the portable radar trailer in various locations throughout the city to remind drivers of their speed, and the speed limits.

Search and Rescue-

All members are on call from Nampa Police Dispatch or other organizations, to assist in locating Alzheimer walk-a-ways, lost children, or the disabled should it be necessary to form a search. Nampa TRIAD also encourages and helps assisted living residences to maintain picture files on likely walk away candidates, to assist in locating a person who may become lost.

Abandoned Vehicles-

Certain members are responsible for identifying and appropriately marking abandoned vehicles for possible removal from public streets.

Vicious Dog Board-

Certain members serve when requested by Animal Control, to hold public hearings on potential vicious dogs in Nampa & Canyon County to determine if dogs are vicious or not.

Other Duties-

As may be requested by the Nampa Police Department or the Canyon County Sheriff (or other public entities when requested through law enforcement). Such duties include or have included:

-Directing traffic by manning barricades around fire scenes, police

 actions, or public events. 

-Assisting evidence personnel with identifying items maintained in

 evidence that may be destroyed, returned to owners, or otherwise

 disposed of in  accordance with the law. 

If you are interested in becoming involved in TRIAD, contact 

Nena Vigil.



Citizens Patrol


The Nampa Citizen Patrol is a group of citizens who volunteer their time to patrol problem areas of the community, in an effort to aid the police by providing extra eyes and ears on the street.  This group of citizens has contributed thousands of hours over the years.  They also assist by providing security or traffic direction at various events or traffic incidents.  Volunteers can be called at a moment's notice to assist in looking for lost children or other tasks.

The Nampa Citizens Patrol logged 5,150 miles on the patrol vehicle nd donated 2,241 hours to the police department in the last year.

Some events the Nampa Citizens Patrol volunteered at:

-Snake River Stampede Rodeo
-SWAT challenge competition
-Surveillance of arson burned homes
-Idaho Center Events
-Block Training (as participants and role players)
-City Events (art in the park, crime fair, community fun night)

-Patrol of City streets

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Citizens Patrol, contact Nena Vigil.



Nampa Public Safety Academy



The Nampa Police Department has facilitated two Citizen Police Academies a year for the last several years.  Approximately 20 to 25 people are given a chance to learn how the department conducts day-to-day operations, as well as given a chance to experience law enforcement up close and personal.

Citizens have been given a chance to drive a police car at the POST academy driving range, shoot police firearms at the NPD firing range and practice arresting intoxicated drivers. This real life experience always generates a lot of positive feed back from the graduating students. Several alumni of the CPA have gone to volunteer in various aspects of the police department, such as on Citizens Patrol or TRIAD.

Nampa Fire Department has recently become involved in the academy as well, and offers segments during the academy on Fire Department specific training. They also offer certified CPR classes put on by the department medics.

The final evaluations garnered responses such as; "I thought the class was fantastic." "I enjoyed every one of the classes." "This class is a wonderful learning tool. I would highly recommend this program to my family and friends."

Check the events page for upcoming academy dates or contact

Becky Robinette for more information.



Reserve Officers



The Nampa Reserve Officer program is made up of volunteers that live in our community. The testing procedure and requirements to become a reserve are identical to those for the full time officers.  The reserve testing is done in house and administered by the Human Resources Department of the City of Nampa.

The reasons to be a Nampa Police Reserve are many.  Some applicants use it as a stepping-stone into full time police work.  Others become reserves to experience the excitement of police work while making their community a better place to live.

To apply for the reserve program check the City of Nampa Employment page for openings. If openings are available, you may apply through the Human Resources Department. Once the applications are closed, there is an orientation that all applicants must attend.  At the orientation the testing procedure and details of the reserve program are detailed. There are many steps to the testing procedures to become a Nampa Police Department Reserve Officer. For full testing procedures and requirements, please see the employment page.

Upon completion of the hiring process, the applicants selected to become reserves will go through the Reserve Academy and FTO program.  Once the Reserve academy and FTO have been successfully completed and after successfully completing the final P.O.S.T. written exam, the reserve officer will receive their level one certification.

Nampa Police Department Level-One Reserves are assigned to assist the patrol officers on day-to-day police work.  Other times they are assigned to assist with specialized divisions within the department, community functions that involve the police department, or work security for community events.

To maintain reserve status at Nampa Police Department, volunteers must contribute a minimum of 16 hours a month and attend a minimum of 40 hours of law enforcement training annually. Reserve officers are provided with the necessary uniforms and equipment initially and are given an annual clothing allowance for the purchase of uniforms and equipment thereafter.

If you have any questions contact Sgt Curt Shankel at 468-5662.



Nampa Police Department offers internships for high school and college students. Students must be enrolled in school and receive a letter of recommendation from their professor. Only internships for course credit will be accepted.

Intern applicants will be required to pass a criminal back ground investigation before being accepted and assigned.

To recieve an application reference being an intern, or for questions about your eligibility, please contact Sgt Randall at randtallt@cityofnampa.us.  


Retired Senior Volunteer Program


The Nampa Police Department is a proud member of the RSVP program network, and does employ RSVP volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a retired volunteer for the Nampa Police Department, please contact Nena Vigil at 208-468-5571.

For more information on the RSVP program, please visit the Senior Corps website.




Volunteer Program Coordinators

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Nena Vigil

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Becky Robinette

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Nampa Public Safety Academy




Sgt. Curt Shankel

Reserve Officer Program




Sgt. Tim Randall

Intern Coordinator




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